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I am not one to talk to much about myself, I am quiet always observing and taking in what is going on around me but I guess to start I was that “girl” growing up, the girl interested in the weird stuff. While other girls where playing dress up and being princesses, dressing up and pretending I was the witch in the woods. As I grew up I was steered away from the wacky, weird and witchy stuff and became “normal”. But during that time I found myself profoundly unhappy, unconnected to myself and therefore unconnected to anyone and anything. I was lost.
In 2004 I was introduced to essential oils and quickly knew that I loved them and they would guide me back to me. They felt good, yeah they smelled good too but in my soul they actually felt good.
Some more years passed as I dabbled and started on a long journey back. Then in 2014 I was injured at work and that ended my career as a vet tech. At 1st I was scared and worried like most would be when we “loose” something that has been a part of us for a long time. But I have learned that in order to make room for change and growth, we have to shed that which is no longer serving our highest potential. Yes, did I love being a vet tech, of course was I making a difference in the lives of animals but I was dead inside and not progressing forward financially, personally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I was lucky enough that through my injury, I started seeing a Naturopath who happened to be hiring for a receptionist. At the office there was also a Shamanic Practitioner who loving took me under her wings and reopened my mind, eyes and soul to everything that used to make it sing d full of joy when I was a girl. While working at that office Miriam shared her knowledge and was my first teacher. Through her I became attuned to Reiki and she gifted me the Rite’s of the Munay Ki and through her guidance and teaching I became a Mesa carrier.
Since having this shift not only do I continue learning about essential oils and reiki, but crystals, herbs and flower essences, chakra, sound, energy and so much more. I love merging and playing with it all to find the right fit for someone, myself included. Come join me on the journey and find the serenity and healing you are needing and looking for to help you live your best life.