Reiki & DoTerra
with Amy


A 1 hour in person session where you will lay fully clothed on a reiki table and relax while I channel reiki in and through you for your healing, relaxation and realignment.

Crystal Reiki

Indulge yourself in a session that merges the energy of Reiki with the Frequency of Crystals. The full session is 1 1/2 hours where we will start by realigning the flow of energy within you and then using kinesiology we will figure out which crystals your body is asking help from which will be laid on or around you during your Reiki session.


AromaTouch is an application of essential oil to the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. The essential oils used in the AromaTouch Technique were chosen for their individual and combined aromatic properties. AromaTouch Technique was developed by Dr. Hill one of doTerra's founders. A session is about 1/2 hour long.

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is perfect for those times when an in person session is not possible. Distance Reiki is based in fact that everything including us is made up of energy. When doing Reiki we are basically turning on the flow of energy to you. This flow of reiki energy flows through the energy currents that exist naturally, the same currents that a phone signal or wifi signal uses. The energy that surrounds us carries all of these energies to the intended receiver. With Reiki, the practitioner is the conduit of the energy.

Essential Oil Guidance & Consultations

Do you have questions about essential oils or DoTerra or their products? Or would you like a personal blend for a specific reason? Lets chat- via phone, zoom or in person

Reiki Guidance

Are you a new Reiki Practitioner or interested in becoming one but have questions?? Reach out, I am more then happy to try and help or guide you to someone who can.

Questions or to Schedule

Call, Email or Text to schedule or if you have questions regarding services or pricing.

Distance Reiki Memberships

Reoccurring Distance Reiki Sessions.

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Personal Monthly Distance Reiki

  • 60 Minutes of Reiki per month
  • After your purchase I will reach out to set up time and day which will be the same every month
  • Limited Spots Available
  • (If you have not heard from me within 48 hours of purchasing please call, text or email me)

Personal Weekly Distance Reiki

  • 60 minutes of Reiki a Week
  • After your purchase I will reach out to set up time and day which will be the same every month
  • You get 4 sessions for the cost of 3 each month!
  • Limited Spots Available.
  • (If you have not heard from me within 48 hours of purchasing please call, text or email me)
  • Brattleboro, VT, USA

Call, Text or Email to learn more or to schedule a session

About REIKI imageAbout REIKI image
Reiki is an ancient Japanese Spiritual practice that facilitates relaxation which allows our body to heal and return to balance. Reiki is not a religious practice but a spiritual one that works on the whole body- mind, body and spirit.

The word REIKI is derived from the Japanese kanji symbols(words) "REI", means universal life , and "KI", which refers to the vital life force energy that flows through and around all living things. The practitioner is taught how to be a channel for this energy and guide it in and around the recipient.

The History Of Reiki
Reiki was “discovered” by Mikao Usui in 1922. All the details of the exact story of discovery are unknown but what we do know is that Mikao Usui had been on a quest to find enlightenment at the top of a mountain where he sat and meditated for an undetermined amount of time. During the last days of this quest just when he started to feel weak, and near death he was overcome with a “great energy” that struck him like a flash of lightening knocked him unconscious. When he awoke he felt refreshed and rejuvenated and back to perfect health. And upon descending back down the mountain and discovered new "gifts" along the way and began sharing. Sharing lead to him teaching and developing the protocol for practitioners and future teachers.
Today, there are many different types of Reiki and to be completely honest with you I don't fully understand why and I am currently in the process of learning about the different types. To me, how I was taught is that "Reiki is Reiki" and that "Reiki knows" and we, the practitioner are nothing more then a conduit in which Reiki is transmitted into the person, animal, place or thing that we are doing reiki on. I will keep you updated as I learn and grow.

  • Reiki is versatile and requires absolutely no tools.

  • Reiki has no contraindications and can be used alongside other conventional and unconventional modalities and healing methods.

  • Reiki is used today in nursing homes and hospitals among other places.

  • Just like yoga, meditation and other "practices", Reiki is cumulative so the more you do the better the affects will be and the longer they will last.

Anyone can become a Reiki practitioner.
If you are interesting in learning more about Reiki or becoming a practitioner, reach out and we can get you started on your journey.

doTerra image
DoTerra translates to "gifts of the earth" and they truly are!

Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years. Nowadays, there is a lot of controversy over the safety and effectiveness of using them. You simply have to type "essential oils" into any search engine and you get a wealth of information, some good and some no so good. But that is how it is with any topic in todays world, you just have to know and trust the source.

After being with another essential oil company which said they were the best and for more then one reason have proven they were not, I have decided to align with DoTerraand the following are some of my reasons.

  • They are in league above any other company when it comes to research of the oils and ways they can help improve lives.
  • The out reach and humanitarian work that they do is absolutely fantastic and beyond any other essential oil company out there. 
    • Co-Impact Sourcing 
    • Helping Hands(changing the lives of people around the world) 
    • Days for Girls (helping girls in under developed countries understand their bodies)*.  
    • DoTerra is also partnered with O.U.R helping to support and rehab survivors of sex trafficking*.
    • AND by simply using the products in my every day life I have the ability to help change lives around the world. By sharing and teaching others about the oils I have the opportunity to grow a business and offer that business opportunity to others to do the same.
    • I could go on and on but I wont, but if you have an interest in learning more or have specific questions please reach out I am more then happy to chat on the phone, in person or via zoom.
My DoTerra Link to order product or open an account. want help then reach out

*Youtube link for more "Source to You" and "Days for Girls" videos

My Story image
Greetings, I am Amy Davis and I grew up in Southern Vermont. I was always a little bit of black sheep, while the other girls were off pretending they were princesses, I was the witch in the woods! I have always been drawn to things outside of the normal. In 2004 I was introduced to essential oils and I quickly knew that I loved them and signed up for an account.
The person who signed me up quickly disappeared so I never really learned how to fully incorporate them into my life as I had little time due to my work and didn't own my a computer.

In 2014 I suffered a back injury that ended my career as a vet tech. Then in 2015 I started working as a receptionist at naturopathic doctors office. There, I not only had the chance learn about natural remedies and medicines that the Earth herself offers but the office manager was a Reiki practitioner among other wonderful and wonderous things. Miriam quickly became not only my friend but first teacher.

I studied and was attuned to Reiki 1, 2 and Masters with Miriam over several years finishing in 2018. Along my journey with Miriam I became a keeper of the Munay Ki Rites as well as a Mesa carrier.

During my journey I became interested in crystals and all they had to offer. Then I learned of Crystal Reiki and decided that was definitely something that I had to learn, so in 2017 I took Lourdes Gray's Crystal Reiki Certification course.

As I continued to learn about crystals and the natural world I found a podcast and in one of the episodes Adam Barralet was interviewed, an author of crystal books and cards but also someone who teaches about essential oils and that he offered a course that merges it all, so, naturally I signed up.

I have loved every minute of merging Reiki, Oils and Crystals both for myself in my own healing but also in helping others heal. I have found where I belong and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Miriam Danielle Allen

Creator and Owner of Wellspring Energy and Spirit

Miriam Danielle Allen is an Ordained Minister, Multi-Modality Energy Healing Practitioner, a mesa carrier in the Andean Paqo tradition, an Earth keeper of the rites of the Munay-ki and Reiki Master/Teacher. Miriam completed her nearly 6 years of studies and training in 2012. When she graduated and was ordained from a wisdom school located in Western Massachusetts. She continued to mentor junior classes there until 2016. With over 40 years of experience in spirituality, world religions and healing modalities, Miriam offers a wide range of healing services, which respects and honors all religious and spiritual beliefs. She includes distance healing in her practice with clients as far away as France, The Netherlands, Burkina Faso, Africa and across the U. S.. Miriam is also a singer/songwriter and poet, but she is most honored by being the glowing mother of 2 grown daughters who are beautiful people.

Lourdes Gray

Owner of the John Harvey Gray Center for Healing

5th Generation Reiki Master Teacher Lourdes Gray. She was initiated by John Harvey Gray as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1996. Lourdes currently teaches all of the classes at the John Harvey Gray Reiki Center in NH. Lourdes Gray, the widow of John Harvey Gray, learned from and practiced Reiki with John daily for 17 years, until his passing on January 12, 2011.

Adam Barrlet

Owner of Crystal Connections and Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate with doTerra

Adam Barralet has been observing and living in tune with nature since childhood. Growing up amongst the bushland and wildlife of the hills in Western Australia and residing in various locations around the world has presented Adam with diverse opportunities to access extensive and eclectic teachings about the secrets of Mother Earth. He has a passionate curiosity for the messages of the Mother Nature and adores diving into the depths of their love. He has now established himself as one of Australia’s premier spiritual teachers, adept at working with essential oils, crystals, animal guides, tarot, astrology and mythology. Adam’s passionate, engaging and relatable style of sharing the magic of nature has helped people all around the world change their lives and reconnect with the blessing of nature’s gifts. Let him help you discover the secret messages that the universe eagerly wants you to hear.

Raven Keye

Founder of Medical Reiki International

Raven Keyes is an Internationally recognized Reiki Master Teacher who has worked with surgeons and other health professionals for many years. She is the author of the award winning book, "The Healing Power of Reiki" in which she shares her experiences in the operating room, at Ground Zero after 9/11, with professional athletes including the New York Giants Football Team among others. Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, LLC is opening doors all over the world. CMRMs are assisting medical patients in ways not previously allowed in hospitals, and the need for qualified practitioners will only accelerate as ever-expanding research continues to provide evidence-based proof of Reiki’s viability and significance in modern medicine.